Val Vigil started preparing personal income taxes in 1970. He taught accounting and business classes for over 14 years at the High School level and at the College level (Parks College). He started Vigil & Associates in 1971 and this year (2016) he completed his 45th year of tax preparation. Val understands tax laws as he keeps himself up to date with tax classes every year. Val is an active licensed Real Estate Agent in the State of Colorado and has been for over 19 years.

Val served in the Colorado State Legislature for eight years (1999-2006) serving in the Finance Committee for all eight years and as Chairman of this committee for 2 years. He also served in the Appropriation committee, Technology committee, and Education committee. In addition he served in the Colorado Tax Commission.

Val has been serving in the Thornton City Council since 2009.

Why VIGIL is the better choice

Val has been in the trenches doing the actual business for over 45 years. He is respected and has ties to the Colorado community both as a business man and as a legislator. Well known and connected to community leaders.

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